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10/22/18 By Shawn R

I am a student at SCF currently. I'm working on an associate in Information Technology. I take 2 classes a semester for years now and I'm on track to have a degree probably in the next lifetime. When I'm not in school I work full time and take care of my son.

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I'm experienced in Repairing, upgrading, and modifying computers, phones, and networks. I've worked as a computer technician and was also an IT Manager at one point. I've done many websites, from basic html sites to bootstrap and of course Wordpress sites. I have a fair share of programming knowledge. Python, PHP, Javascript, ajax, jquery, HTML, bootstrap, and MySQL are some I'm familiar with and have had working projects. I also love messing around with microcontrollers like the raspberry pi.

In other areas: I've worked as an electrician from rough ins to trim work. I've worked at a busy international airport on the ramp throwing bags, guiding planes in with wands, and pushing planes full of people out to the runway. I've worked at cartridge world refilling ink and toner cartridges. I've flipped burgers at Wendys. I've delivered pizza. My current job has made me an expert on batteries and bulbs.

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My hobbies are computers, guitar playing, electronics, watching anime or anything sci-fi, longboarding, reading, painting, drawing, biking, kayaking, and spending time with my son.